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Interested in a Brio Puppy? Please fill out our Puppy Application.

Preferred sex of puppy ( male, female, or either? )

Why are you interested in purchasing a Weimaraner? 

Please explain why you feel a Weimaraner is the right match for you? How did hear about Brio Weimaraners? 

Please describe your ideal Weimaraner to match both your lifestyle and training goals (eg: agility, hunting, show, etc) and why.

Do you own another animal? How will you train your puppy to reside with them?

Do you have children? If yes, how old are they? How will they be involved with your Weimaraner? 

What food do you intend to feed your puppy?

Which family member will be primarily responsible for taking care of the puppy?

Have you ever given a dog to the SPCA or pound, returned a dog to a breeder, or given a dog to a rescue society? If so, why?

Do you breed animals, sell dogs for profit or act as an agent for dog sales? Are you a kennel? If so, what is your kennel name?

Do you currently own or have you previously owned a Weimaraner? Other dogs? Please describe other dogs you have owned or currently own.

Do you intend to crate train and X-pen train your puppy? Do you have experience with doing so? 

Do you own your own home or rent? How long have lived at your current address? Please describe your yard. What type of fence? If you have no fence, what are your plans for controlling your puppy outside of your home? 

Where will your puppy be left during the day / during the night? Where will your puppy be kept when no one is home? How many hours per day will your dog be left alone? Do you travel often for work or pleasure ? 

Do you have the financial resources for the expense of a dog? Expenses can include emergency vet bills totalling thousands of dollars. Will you be purchasing pet insurance? 

Please describe your experience with training dogs. Titles earned? If you have no experience, please describe how you plan to go about training your dog. 

Do you have any experience with AKC or CKC events ? If so, please describe. If not, are there any CKC or AKC events you plan to get involved with?  

Weimaraners are a very active breed and require a signifiant amount of exercise on a DAILY basis. How do you plan on exercising your Weimaraner? What type of exercise? How long and how often?  

Would you be willing to have me show your dog in CKC or AKC conformation, field, or tracking events? Are you interested in being mentored to compete in these events yourself? 

Brio pups are sold on a co-ownership contract with a spay/neuter clause, unless an alternate co-ownership agreement is in place. What are your feelings about spay/neuter? Have you ever bred a dog in the past? if yes, please provide details. Are you interested in breeding your Weimaraner? If yes, for what purpose? 

If possible, I would like to meet and have prospective puppy owners meet adult Brio dogs in person. I generally do not ship puppies.

When are you looking to add a Weimaraner puppy to your family? Are you on another Breeder's waitlist? If so please provide details. 

As a reference, please provide the name of your veterinarian, including their clinic and contact information. 

Your content has been submitted

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