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Brio Puppies

All Brio Weimaraner puppies are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. Each breeding is carefully thought out in an effort to preserve breed type, ensure genetic diversity, produce healthy puppies with great temperaments, and an aptitude for competitive work. Parents are certified health tested, are free from hip dysplasia, cardiac disease, and are screened for eye disorders, and undergo genetic testing to rule out passing genetic disorders to their offspring. Puppies are raised from birth to 9 weeks using "Puppy Culture" - a socialization and training program aimed at raising behaviourally sound resilient dogs from birth through through their critical socialization period. Our put an exceptional amount of time and effort into raising our puppies. Puppies are raised in our home environment on our beautiful acreage,  come with a trained recall, basic clicker training, are crate conditioned, have been introduced to swimming and live birds, have had car rides, exposure to safe adult dogs and visitors of all shapes and sizes, all prior to heading to homes at 9 weeks. Puppies are assessed for conformation, temperament, love of water and natural instincts on live birds before being placed in a compatible home. Our puppies are sold on contract, come with a health guarantee, 30 days of  complimentary pet health insurance, are microchipped, wormed and vaccinated. We are forever invested in our puppies and offer lifetime breeder support.

We do not accept deposits in advance of our litters being whelped. If interested in a Brio puppy please fill out our "Puppy Application" and we will be in touch!

Litter Announcements

Future breeding plans/ pictures of our current litter

Our Litters - Past and Present

 Future Super Stars!

Puppy Application

Interested in a Brio Weimaraner Puppy?

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